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Never received my bag

Still waiting for my bag, over 2 weeks now. AND I paid for a faster shipping so I could get the bag as a quick gift for someone. Needless to say I contacted customer service. Received an auto-generated email but, nothing has happened. Terrible experience.

kamo wallet

I was not very happy because the wallet I ordered was not what I got . I have tried email and messaging with no reply. This was my second Kamo wallet, so I am disappointed that I didnt get the one I ordered.

Not good

I sent 8 emails to regards to this being the wrong bag with NO response at all..I wasn't going to send it back till I got a reply because I would be out of my money..Then I get a review..Well I feel you should keep up with your customers a lot better..You do not have a contact number anywhere online..Still I sit here with the wrong bag and don't know what to do..

No customer Service reply

You sent the wrong color and won’t acknowledge my 2 emails to return the product to you for a full refund. Will never purchase another product from you unless this is resolved by you.

Great product, difficulty in communication

I received the product as ordered but nobody answers or even reads i suppose the emails. At some point i thought i was a scam victim because the message with the tracking code took way too many days to be sent to me and then i had to become a PI over the internet to find which postal service they use. At the end all good and the product as described. 5 stars for the product but 0 stars for customer support.

Never received package

Never received package

Delivery too late

The item just arrived 2 days ago , so 12 days to get the gloves that’s really unacceptable, actually I got the gloves from somewhere else,

Part of order missing!!

We received our gloves that we ordered, but we also ordered masks and never received them. It has been over three weeks and we have contacted Kamo and have heard nothing back from them regarding our masks that we ordered and paid for but have not received


Don’t want to hurt your feelings but they look like toy toilet paper for dolls and the price was horrific

Quality is Fine, Customer Service Was Not

There is apparently an issue with their website which they refused to acknowledge. I clicked on one bag, but received a different one. After receiving the wrong bag, I pointed out the issue and even proved it with screenshots, but they refused to listen. I received my bag too late to exchange it for the one I ordered. The quality is fine, but be prepared to receive a random bag instead of the one ordered.

Women's waterproof backpack

I would like to have a pocket for my medical supplies, EpiPen, etc.

Awesome Sling

Love the color and it’s comfy. I love the 3 zipper compartments!!

Very durable gloves

I bought these for cleaning the house and they’re great. My hands don’t have to come in contact with chemicals this way. Plus, it feels a lot more sanitary to wear gloves when I’m cleaning the nastier areas like toilets. One pair lasts as long as I need since they’re sturdy and don’t tear easily.

Sturdy gloves. No problems yet

The gloves are sized perfectly. Sturdy gloves. No problems yet. Price is right.

easy to carry and light weight.

Having a backpack with 4 zippered pockets with different capacities makes it easy store your stuff. A phone pocket, large pocket for a tablet, smaller one for wallet and a pocket on back for more secured items like credit cards. There is also a small Velcro close pouch. This pouch would be more usable if the pouch closure was more secure because items such as pens and keys could and can fall out..

Cute and functional

The bag arrived looking just like the picture and I am very satisfied with it. It has a lot of compartments and seems like it will be really convenient for things like hiking or as an extra travel bag for small items you want to keep readily accessible. I love the cat design as well! I didn’t realize it was so sparkly but that is a plus to me. I haven’t used it yet but the quality seems like it will hold up well and won’t get dirty easily. I really like that you can comfortably wear it different ways, so if you need to carry a backpack as well you could wear this over your chest.

Great back for folders/notebooks

I am using this bag for work, I needed something to put folders and notebooks in. It's the perfect length and width. It has a pocket on the inside and one on the outside, so I'm able to keep my pens and personal items secure. The only thing I would change is the size of the bottle holders on the side. I have a thermos that I take to work but it doesn't fit in it well. I can squeeze it in but it's a struggle! Other than that it's perfect for what I needed.

Colors are prettty and it’s easy to wear

I love this backpack! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I don’t like purses and want my hands free. I have a pocket for my wallet and a pocket for my phone and sunglasses. It’s confortable to wear and there is a big pocket in front and a smaller one. I also love the color.

Perfect for a Mom on the go!

I think my only complaint would be i wish it was 1" wider (to fit my standard Happy Planner and Ipad mini at the same time). The colors are very vivid. I can easily slide it to the front to reach my wallet when checking out and still not have to worry about anything falling out. I have two very active children so this is great as my everyday bag. I no longer have to try to keep my kids out of my purse while they are in the shopping cart.

Amazing backpack purse!!!

BEYOND IN LOVE WITH THIS BAG seriously I never write reviews on here but I highly recommend this bag!!! I got it to use as a diaper bag for toddler and newborn and was worried it might be too small or that the pocket is in a weird place. Nope. It’s SO ROOMY but not too bulky! I’m so impressed. The pocket is also not bad at all it’s easy to get to. Love this bag so much I hope it lasts a long time but it looks like it will!


I rate this backpack to be perfect, maybe it’s too much.But overall I am still satisfied with this women's backpack.
I think if the design was to zip it all the way to the bottom of the backpack so it opens up a bit more, it would have been easier to put in a laptop or a larger notebook. That's the only downside for me. I was hesitant to buy it because I was looking for a backpack that fits my 13.9" laptop that also looks dressy and elegant. I use a laptop case and it still fits in but if the zip opens up a bit more, this would have been absolute 5 stars for me all around! The description says it fits 13" laptop so I took a chance and it barely fits mine so I'm glad I got it. It's a medium size but fits plenty.

A perfect business or casual backpack that's very stylish, doesn't look cheap and is well made. By the way, there aren't many stylish backpacks for women that fit a laptop but don't look sporty, bulky, or have the typical "I'm going hiking" look. There's really shortage on the market for mid-size sleek and stylish laptop backpacks for women that don't cost a fortune. I spent more time than I wanted looking for a backpack that fits this criteria. You can wear it as a purse but it looks better as a backpack. It has thick stitches where the shoulder straps are which make it extra sturdy. Someone actually used their brain to design it. The zip design is lovely too and so is the anti-theft feature.
Not sure about durability yet, will see in time. All of the color options are nice. Good price and a great buy in my opinion. Hope to see more designs and quality items from this company.

Trendy for Young People

I got a blue fabric bag and it suits for both young men and women.
It is small but we can put many things into it.
It would be easy for mommies if they go for shopping, we can put many baby items into it. It has a pocket which is useful to store small items. My wife carried it for our vacation to Hollywood Studios and it was very helpful.

Please Note:
1) Big Laptop does not fit in this bag
2) Tablets would fit easily
3) Do not carry heavy items in this as it would cut down the stap.

Nice bag for the price

Purchased to take to beach or on walks with the dog. I like this bag a lot, and it’s pretty pattern is vibrant and crisp. I have it adjusted to smallest size and there is a very long strap that hangs down and is annoying I’m thinking I need to cut it off and re sew the end to shorten it up. You would have to be a giant to use up the entire strap length. Haven’t washed the bag yet to know how durable it is and how well it cleans. Small pocket is too small for my iPhone.

Great Bag

I needed something that wasn’t overly large to take a few things to the gym. I feel as though this is sufficient. It has a good amount of compartments without being bulky. The shoulder strap has a wide range for adjustment and the padding is pretty comfy. I’d buy again.

Better than Kavu!

I love this bag! I previously owned a Kavu. I loved the pockets but could not find a new pattern I liked. I love this bag even more than my Kavu and the price is less than half! It has an extra pocket on the back side and the material has a great feel. I‘m be happier with this purchase.